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JudgeMD + PONCÉ: How to upsell without being salesy

Updated: 6 days ago

With PONCÉ's pre-clinical facial analysis, Dr. Judge is able to develop long-term treatment plans, resulting in more treatments sales

The Problem

Many patients require additional treatments to achieve their ideal look, but Dr. Judge says she “rarely points out flaws on her patients” even when they might benefit from addressing these additional concerns. Instead, she focuses her attention on the procedure that the patient came in seeking, then educating them on what is achievable and her process for executing that procedure.

This behavior is standard amongst aesthetic providers who are keenly focused on providing their patients with excellent experiences. To avoid the risk of being offensive or coming off as too “salesy”, providers focus their consultations and treatments almost exclusively on the patient’s chief complaint. These providers want to avoid what Dr. Judge calls the “used car salesman approach” and would rather not mention any additional treatments than risk offending their patient while attempting to improve the aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Judge treating a patient with injectables

The Solution

Dr. Judge is passionate about facial aesthetics and the key to her approach is achieving symmetry and balance amongst the major facial components (e.g. width of the nose relative to the eyes). She was looking for a way to educate her patients on how to address multiple facets of facial aesthetics together to achieve aesthetic harmony or what she calls “facial balancing”. To address this need, she began working with Ponce AI to develop a facial analysis product that could identify concerns relating to volume, proportions, balance, and even skin surface conditions. The first of its kind product enables her to get a baseline aesthetics analysis for each and every patient that comes to see her. It serves as the starting point for every one of her patients.

With Ponce’s Consult Co-Pilot, Dr. Judge’s patients can now understand their facial aesthetic issues from an objective perspective. Patients are excited to discuss the analysis findings, as it is an opportunity for them to learn more from Dr. Judge about what the concerns are and how they can be addressed. The process naturally shapes into a consultative comprehensive treatment approach wherein Dr. Judge takes the role of an educator, allowing her to leverage her extensive knowledge to develop a deeper relationship with her patients.


Most impressive however, is that patients who undergo a facial aesthetic analysis, opt for more comprehensive, long-term treatment planning. Incredibly, leading to both higher patient satisfaction AND increased provider utilization! Dr. Judge sees a 60% increase in services rendered on average across the patients where she used the product and has implemented Consult Co-Pilot as standard protocol for every consult that she does. She says that it’s the highest value tool she has ever implemented in her business!

Shifting the focus from attracting new patients to better educating and treating existing patients has been a welcome shift at JudgeMD. It has enabled her to capitalize on the consult time with existing patients, generating more revenue and leading to a higher quality concierge style patient experience.

“I love my patients and with Consult Co-Pilot, it’s so much easier for me to help them achieve their best look” - Dr. Judge

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